Here is a short message from Dr Angus McLeod

We are changing the fabric of our society from the inside out

Every Family Matters’ exists to create an ethos of empowerment to change the fabric of our society from the inside out, starting with changing the family dynamic to impact a community and society. Sir John Whitmore launched our campaign at the ECL Conference for coaches, see the full presentations on YouTube:
Chapter 1 - Sir John Whitmore - sets the context 13 minutes
Chapter 2 - Alan Wilson - coaching the whole family 34 minutes
Chapter 3 - Georgina Saralis - coaching in education 21 minutes
At the heart of everything we offer is personal empowerment. Our generic evidence based personal development programme helps parents and those that work with them, connect to their innate abilities; learn new skills, explore different ways to transform their world. See the evaluation by Canterbury Christ Church University of our 2 year project with 'dysfuntional' families from a deprived area here.

We are changing the fabric of our society from the inside out. This is a big vision but one that we can achieve together – connnect with us today and share your contribution.

If you are interested in training to suppot really challenged families check out our trading arm, the social enterprise Develop Your Child CIC.